Toronto-Based Researcher Cameron Clokie Brought Revolution to Regenerative Medicine

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Cameron Clokie, a Toronto-based surgeon, brought a new revolution to regenerative medicine that helped the broken and defective bones to grow naturally. Clokie started delivering excellent regrowth results of bones almost a decade back, and it also paved ways for further research in regenerate medicine. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

During his initial phase of treatment, eight patients in Canada went through the bone regeneration surgery method developed by Clokie. He used a protein called bone morphogenetic protein or BMP that impulses the adult stem cells to grow into bone tissue to generate jaw’s coaxing bones similar to a newborn baby. Dr. Clokie confirmed that the technique worked quite similar to how the embryonic bone generation works, and the patients got what they lost.

The treatment procedures were performed at Mount Sinai Hospital and Toronto General Hospital. The bone regenerative methods until then were expensive and highly painful that included sourcing bone, muscle, and fat from other areas of the body and implanting in the area where the regeneration is required.

Also, those regenerative methods needed long hours of operations that span around 20 hours, whereas, Dr. Clokie’s method needs only four hours of surgery. While the prior methods took months to recover completely, Dr. Clokie’s surgery gave a complete recovery within two weeks of the surgery.

In his method, Cameron Clokie added BMP to a putty-like gel that could liquify inside the freezer and solidify in hot temperatures. Dr. Clokie shaped the gel into the missing bones and filled it in the missing section of the jaws of the patients. After five days, the blood vessels started to grow over the structure, and the gel started dissolving. Also, the jawbone started regrowing to fill the gap of missing bone. Interestingly, the method won appreciation from leading researchers and institutes, and most of them agreed that it was a landmark in regenerative medicine.

Cameron Clokie is a leading maxillofacial and oral surgeon, serial entrepreneur, and researcher. He holds 25 patents in regenerative medicine that are either existing or pending for approval. Dr. Clokie is also the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc., a firm working on regenerative medicine solutions, especially on musculoskeletal reconstruction. He has more than three decades of academic, research, and clinical experience in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

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