If You Know The Golden Arches, You Know OSI Food Solutions.

McDonald’s; it’s safe to say that everyone on Earth has had a quarter pounder with cheese. OSI Food Solutions provided the high quality beef. Not only that, but your favorite chicken too. Not only that, but they are providing excellent food for the whole world. Not only that, they are the largest provider of food on the world!

Welcome to OSI Food Solutions: The Worlds Largest Food Processor. Standing proudly as such comes from having earned the title. Also, OSI Food Solutions recently won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This is another point of pride for a world-wide group of people who have dedicated themselves to feeding the world, and feeding them well. The staggering success of OSI is well documented on the Internet for the entire world to see. Not only are they the largest food processor on the block, the 20,000 plus workforce is second to none. The career opportunities are top notch, but guess what, they are seeking the best people. Offering the best, attracts the best. It’s a best practice, of course.

Otto himself started the wheels rolling on this historic success story. Over one hundred years ago, a humble immigrant from Germany hazarded the voyage to the new world in an effort to live free. Choosing Chicago, the greatest city in the world at that time, Otto Kolschowsky began what was to become a powerhouse in providing top quality food for the entire world. Volumes have been written on Otto himself and his sons (Otto & Sons, the “OS” in “OSI”), and the story is worthy of the silver screen itself. Ironically, the theater is likely to have food for the occasion, provided by OSI Food Solutions. Taking a cyber-walk through the Internet, with a simple search for Mr. Otto Kolschowsky, will give you hours of enjoyable reading, and will open your eyes to the pivotal history he gave rise to.

Aside from the awards and honors bestowed upon OSI, the company has been engaged in a concerted effort to expand its operations all over the globe. They’ve acquired many fine companies who, in their own right, have built tremendous businesses. These mergers are a massive benefit to all who are a part of them, and the continued growth of OSI Food Solutions is proving to be a boon for the entire planet. Eat hearty everyone.

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