Alex Pall Music Visions

Alex Pall had a hobby in DJing. He realized at the art gallery that dance music was consuming a big part of his life. It was there that his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. They immediately started working together, Andrew moved down from Maine, and Pall quit his job. They talked about what they wanted musically and their ambitions. Andrew is a talented producer, and Alex pall had a lot of DJ gigs and a kind of marketing social thing. As they continued working together, they would meet up every day to work on their music and on creating their identity as artists.

Over time they have the same core values, but they are always working harder to become better artists because it’s not only a job that pays their bills but it’s also a lot more than that. They want people to keep relating their music on a deeper level more. He says it’s a journey of self-discovery and have ended up becoming a lot more. To keep things interesting, they keep trying new things.

They write lyrics to their songs and work with songwriters in writing the songs because they are about them. They have the pressure of releasing an album from both the fans and the label. However, they want the record to be unique.

Alex pall confesses that working with Haisley on ‘’closer’’ as incredible. Over the past two years they have always wanted to work with Haisley. He says she has a powerful voice and is always herself. The song was written by Andrew and their friend on their tour bus.

Through social media, they have become more international as they are hitting the 16-25 demographic. Their music is also transcending age. They make music for themselves, and other people are finding an emotional connection.

Alex says they have an expanding audience and have to keep up by going around the world bringing with them a new and exciting show. They perform their songs live. He also talked to their visualist about new content and making things unique.

Avicii Honored By The Chainsmokers and Halsey During Live Billboard Awards Ceremony

The 2018 Billboard Awards were aired live Sunday night. The Chainsmokers; Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, were among the many presenters. Alex and Drew took the opportunity while presenting the Award for Top Hot 100 Song of 2018, with singer and songwriter Halsey, to honor Avicii, who recently passed away after suffering from longtime mental health issues. Avicii was adored by many music fans and those who are in the music industry; however, Alex and Drew shared a special bond with the Swedish DJ and music producer.

Before Alex, Drew and Halsey presented the award to Luis Fonsi for “Despacito,” the three of them took the opportunity to share a few words with the 12,000 audience members and millions of viewers by television. Clearly emotional, Drew started the brief tribute by stating, “Avicii was an artist who inspired so many in so many ways and meant so much to us and the EDM community.” Halsey added, “Everyone who worked with him would say that he was such a joy…It’s a reminder to all of us to be there and support and love our friends and family members who may be struggling with mental illness.”

Alex and Drew took another moment later in the night to pay tribute to Avicii when the duo won the Top Dance/Electronic Award. “We want to dedicate this award to Avicii. He is someone who made us believe that this is something we could do with our lives. [He] inspired all of us, influenced our music and influence pop music in general. He will be missed, and I hope he’s found peace,” stated Drew.

Alex and Drew formed The Chainsmokers in 2012 after both met while Drew was attending college and Alex was interning for Interscope Records. Their EDM style has made the group hugely popular among fans and often crosses over into pop music. The duo released their first single “#Selfie” for free in 2013 and performed their first live performance in 2014. Their second hit single has received over one billion listeners on Spotify. The Chainsmokers are the first-ever group to be recognized for the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Award.

In March, The Chainsmokers debuted their latest single release of “Memories…Do Not Open,” which is titled “Everybody Hates Me.” The single was released during a live performance in Prague.