Securus Technologies Puts Power in Customer’s Hands

Whenever customers think of an organization changing the world, do they think of a corporation or do you think of a non-profit? A recent study by Gallup polls shows that 9 to 1 of Americans think that non-profits have a greater impact on the world. But what if I told you that a new philosophy known as social entrepreneurship is making waves in the corporate world and at its core, it teaches that a product is not just about making money but about ending the social evils that are around us? Would that sway you into believing that corporations also have a role to play in making this world a better place?


Securus Technologies has listened to their customers and have fully embraced the idea of social entrepreneurship. In line with that philosophy, they have created products that are meant to drastically reduce the leading cause of deaths for inmates in correctional facilities, inmate on inmate crime.


Over the past decade, deaths related to inmate on inmate crime have skyrocketed. Securus Technologies discovered from customers that the reason for this was the accessibility of contraband cell phones among inmates.


Inmates use contraband cell phones to call, text or Facebook message plans to harm other inmates to one another. This allows them to coordinate attacks. Securus Technologies helped customers by creating products that targeted these uses of contraband cell phones.


Securus Technologies created one product known as “Cell Defenders” which has decreased inmate on inmate crime by at least 25% in correctional facilities that use it. The product allows customers to detect and locate contraband cell phones on their premises. Securus Technologies also created “Wireless Containment Solutions” which stops phones from going online and using social media to plan crimes. Securus Technologies has succeeded in their mission of reducing needless inmate deaths.