MB2 Dental Solution, Covers All Your Non-Clinical Tasks

MB2 Dental Solution is simply a dental firm for affiliated dentists and practice owners. It is a leading dental solution service company presenting associated offices a series of supplies to maintain their exclusive services to customers.

With patient need being their priority, they provide the following services to affiliated dental offices so that the dentists can focus on their work; dentistry.

  • Human resource
  • Account and financing
  • Credentialing
  • Compliance
  • IT
  • Billing and Collection
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Procurement
  • Training
  • Business development

With non-clinical tasks handled, dentists can now provide exclusive and satisfactory services to their patients. The firm has four values that govern them including teamwork, integrity, excellence, and innovation. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://www.indeed.com/cmp/Mb2-Dental-Solutions/reviews

It has a diversified leadership team, from financial experts to doctors and they all work together to achieving its goal. For example, Justin Puckett, its president is an experienced financial expert, while the COO, Justin Carroll, is an investment expert.

White Pages said that MB2 Dentist partnered up with CDI Group in 2014. The partnership has yielded success as CDI group took the initiative to design and implement the dental plan solution. The marketing plan materials manufactured included postcards, tabletop displays, brochures, and posters. All these aid patients by having an affordable plan and exceptional dentistry care.

Chris Steven Villanueva, founded, and is the CEO of MB2 Dental. Chris established it because of being dissatisfied with the treatment both private and group practice dentistry systems were facing.

It serves as a solution for them to work while enjoying the benefits of their career path. The firm has had an extraordinary growth since its kick-off in 2009. It has a network between six states with over seventy staff members. MB2 Dental is offering dentists a chance to practice their dentistry competently, without ruining the standards of service or patient’s treatment.

Reddy Lakshman

Dr. Lakshman Reddy is a General Surgeon. He practices at ADRM Multispecialty Hospital in Ramanthapur. He studied MS General Surgery and MBBS. Dr. Reddy is passionate about his work, his patients being his priority.

Bruce Levenson and His Team Accuses Insurance Firm of Breach of Contract Years After Relinquishing Control of Atlanta Hawks

Could there be an end to media stories pertaining to the Bruce Levenson era at the NBA basketball club, Atlanta Hawks? Only time will tell judging from recent reports that a New Hampshire Insurance Company breached a contract involving a settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry, former general manager of the club. Before addressing the topic, let’s take a brief look at the man, Bruce Levenson.

Bruce Levenson is no mean figure when it comes to American sport and business. He was the controlling owner of Atlanta Hawks for several years. before he relinquished control to the Ressler’s group. His group had an intimidating 50.1 percent stake in the NBA basketball club.

The UCG founder Bruce Levenson was in no way shortchanged with the sale of the club. The new owners had to pay more the $425, the Forbes estimated value of Hawks few years ago. The reasons are not far-fetched. Firstly, the sale of the Clippers and Bucks outfits alter market forces. Secondly, the NBA acquisition of new lucrative television deals sky rocketed the value of all franchise.

Here are the wordings of the lawsuit filed against the insurance firm AIG by the former Hawks ownership group (AHBE): “Despite an obligation to pay and the acknowledgement that certain of Mr. Ferry’s claims triggered the AIG Policy, as well as the fact that these claims clearly fell within the policy coverage, AIG has failed and refused to pay the covered loss without significant justification and in bad faith. AIG had no reasonable basis to contend that a claim had been made and that such claim was not covered.”


The Public Loves Securus Technologies

The public has found that Securus Technologies is doing such a great job in the safety field that they are the leader in the industry. The company is inviting them to see what they do at their business office in Dallas, TX, where they can take a tour and enjoy a presentation while they are visiting. It is also a time that they can ask questions about the latest technologies the company is working, what they will be used for, and how important they are to the country and world.


They have created the Wireless Containment Solution that is being used in a variety of correction facilities across the country. Since Securus Technologies was the only that could do this, they are taking great pride in this accomplishment. They are glad that the facilities can use the Wireless Containment Solution to stop crimes that can occur when the prisoners use devices and cell phones to connect to the outside world through the wireless networks. They could set up crimes this way, and the Wireless Containment Solution is enabling these types of people to be caught, and the equipment that they are using to be destroyed.


Securus Technologies has been creating safety measures for both the civil and criminal aspects of justice for many years with great success. The government uses them to help them at their facilities, and the company deals with at least a million prisoners and inmates every year. They use video, investigations, monitoring and other techniques to make the facilities a safer place for everyone. In the future, they will continue to create even more technologies and techniques every week in order make sure that the public is always safe. They are important to the country and the world too, and they have a mission to make it safer for people to live and work. They have the ability to do this, and their staff of dedicated professionals are equipped to carry out the mission.



Oncotarget: Making Scientific Research Available to Everyone

Oncotarget is a medical journal that covers oncology. It was started in 2010. The journal is open-access which means that anyone can access the issues that they release. It is also peer-reviewed. This means that an article has to be reviewed by several members of the scientific community before it is published. The journal prints papers and issues upon request.

According to Research Gate, Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the senior editors of Oncotarget. Gudkov is a professor of cell stress biology. He is also the vice president of basic research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Blagosklonny also works at the Institute and is a professor of oncology. His research involves cancer treatment, aging, and anti-aging strategies.

The editorial board of the journal is made up of distinguished researchers and scholars who ensure that the journal maintains its high standards. They also cover other areas which are related to oncology including gerotarget, pathology, and endocrinology even though they started by publishing papers in the field of oncology only.

The journal now provides free Altmetric article reports so that authors can see the performance of articles published on Oncotarget. This is in line with their goal of providing the best experience to authors whose papers are published in the journal.

The journal had an impact factor of 5.4 last year and an average of 5.0 since it was started. According to Research Gate, Oncotarget currently ranks as the top journal among all journals on Oncology in the world. This is because of the experience of the editors and their commitment to the mission of the magazine.

Oncotarget’s mission has been to ensure that there is the rapid publication of outstanding research. This is why the issues are released online on a weekly basis. The journal maximizes the impact of research since it can be viewed by people from anywhere in the world. Oncotarget has allowed the collaboration of researchers from different fields by expanding the fields that they cover.

Capital Group, A Leader Of Financial Investment

Capital Group is a leader of financial investment sector in today’s world. It was founded in 1931 by Jonathan Bell in Los Angeles city of California. Tim Armour is the current leader of this financial institution. He has various positions in the Capital Group. Tim Armour is the Portfolio Manager, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman. Capital Research and Management is a sub-company of Capital Group, and Tim Armour is its Principal Executive Officer and Chairman. He has only worked in the Capital Group during his whole career. Tim Armour acquired the right education before joining the Capital Group. Timothy went to Middlebury College to study economics. After completing his degree in 1983, he joined the associate program of Capital Group. Due to his impressive performance, he was given the opportunity to work in the organization.

Before Tim Armour, Jim Rothenberg used to be the company’s Chairman. Unfortunately, Jim Rothenberg passed away, and someone brilliant was needed to take the responsibility. The top management of the company was sure Armour is the right guy for this job. Therefore, Tim Armour was elected as the Chairman of the Group. His current responsibilities are to take care of operations, communication, and business strategies. According to CFA Janet Yang, he can predict the future through his analysis. He knows what the businesses want and what their employees want. He has contributed a lot to the success of Capital Group which makes him the perfect choice for this position. It’s really good that people at the company elected him. Everyone was surprised when Tim Armour chose Netflix over Blockbuster sixteen years ago. Blockbuster was making millions while Netflix was just a startup. Today, Blockbuster is bankrupt while Netflix is a huge success.

Fortunately for everyone, Armour explained later why did he make that decision. According to him, the reason was the index fund of Netflix.  They must understand how things have changed during the US economic recovery. The profit margins are very less so revenues cannot be increased much. The price of oil is continuously changing, and interest rates are high. That has challenges as well as opportunities. In-depth analysis is vital to understanding that. Armour is working with Samsung nowadays to finalize their Asset Management Program that is about employee retirement benefits.

Brad Reifler Career Achievements and Notable Business Accomplishments


Do you want to improve your finances? If so, working with an expert is one of the best things that you can do. Over time, a lot of people can make a huge difference in their finances simply by making a couple of minor changes. Brad Reifler is an expert in this area, and he strongly believes in people getting organized with their finances. If you can simply record every financial transaction, you will be able to see where all of your money goes.
Brad Reifler

After starting out in his career, Brad Reifler set out to help as many people as possible with their finances. A lot of people today look up to the success that he has had in the field. If you want to improve your personal financial position, decreasing your expenses and increasing your income is the easiest way to accomplish this goal. Although that sounds simple, many people overlook this fact. There are plenty of opportunities to go out and earn additional income. In addition, many people are wasting money on expenses that are not adding value to their life.

Future Plans

Brad Reifler wants to continue to work in the field of personal finance. With all of the success he has had in recent years, he wants to continue growing his company. If you want to join this career field one day, learning from his example is a great idea. He has always done a great job of helping customers solve their financial planning issues.

Securus Technologies Stands Tall Against GTL Allegations

One of the best ways to keep a company in the public eye is by making brief announcements on a regular basis in public forums where many people can receive the announcements. In the world today, there are many platforms that can be used by a company to make announcements on a regular basis. One of the most popular is social media. There are various social media platforms that a company can choose from to get messages out to the public.


While social media has millions of people that communicate using social media on a daily basis, there are several time tested methods that companies can use to get the word out about company related information other than social media. One of the most effective ways is the press release. A press release gives a company a set structure to use to send out communication with the public, but the company controls the communication.


However, there are times when press releases are used for different purposes. GTL sent out a press release to offer its side of the story regarding a disagreement with Securus Technologies. The disagreement concerned technology ownership. In the press release, GTL made several allegations against Securus Technologies concerning the technology ownership disagreement.


In an effort to defend itself against the allegations stated by GTL, Securus Technologies sent out a press release that let the public know that the allegations made by GTL were unfounded. Also, the press release went into detail regarding each allegation and stated specifically what was wrong with each allegation.


I feel that Securus Technologies was placed in an unfair situation, but the company did well in how it approached defending itself against the allegations. Securus Technologies dealt with the situation in a professional manner.


Securus Technologies  provides technology related services and products to companies in the public safety market.

Water Supplies Returning To Normal At Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain

The Upper Mountain of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort has always been a popular destination on Snow-Forecast.com for ski enthusiasts who enjoy using the restaurants and relaxing at the top of the slopes. However, the end of 2016 saw an unusually high rainfall level in this area of Lake Tahoe that led to many groundwater supplies becoming infected was bacteria washed into them by an unexpected rain event; one of those areas affected was the Upper Mountain of Squaw Valley, but officials at the resort are fighting what appears to be a winning battle to remove all contaminants from their water supplies.

A statement from Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney explained the water supply for the Upper mountain region had recently been upgraded in 2016 and was quickly identified as being contaminated after the rainfall event. The statement went on to explain traces of E. Coli and the bacteria Coliform had been identified and prompted all water from the four infected wells being cutoff to protect guests from contamination; the discovery was followed immediately by Squaw Valley informing Placer County Environmental Health experts on squawalpine.com to aid in the restoration of the water supply.

The combination of experts and the hard work of those at Squaw Valley Ski Resort at http://squawalpine.com/discover-squaw-alpine-experience have combined to see a rapid decline in the level of contaminants in the water supply, which sees E. Coli completely removed from three of four contaminated wells and Coliform levels already lowered. Officials at Squaw Valley have opened the slopes of Upper Mountain, but have vowed to keep restaurants closed until the water supply is returned to normal levels; guests using the Upper Mountain area are being supplied with free bottled water and no health issues have so far been reported as linked to the contamination of water supplies on the mountain.

Event Planners In NYC

If you’re on the hunt for event planning companies in new York city, then you’ll likely be able to find quite a few. Party and event planning is inevitable a hard, time consuming task to have in your hands, so when you’ve decided that hiring a professional is the way to go, it’s important to keep some things in mind. You’ll want to find the ideal party planner for your event, so keep the following things in mind when interviewing potential candidates.


First off, you’ll want to write down a few key notes to discuss with these companies during the interview process. Where will the party take place? Is the party for something or someone? Is there a theme involved? More importantly, what is the budget of this event? These will help you to get an idea of what the company or planner can provide for you within your means. Once you’ve gotten those notes down, the research begins. Talk to friends and family, use social media and search online reviews and testimonials on companies in your area. You can then begin to interview through the phone when you’ve narrowed it down to a couple. You’ll know who better fits your event just by speaking with them. Once you’ve chosen your event planner, be sure to keep close contact with them so you are involved with every step of the planning process.


When it comes to event planners in New York city, you certainly can’t go wrong with Twenty Three Layers. This company does every little thing for you whether its finding a venue, or ordering flowers. They handle entertainment, guest lists, and more popularly, they throw beautiful themed events. You can find examples of their past work all over the web, which portrays their popularity even more.

Kevin Seawright: Working Towards The Greater Good

Kevin Seawright is an outstanding individual whose accomplishments are hard to ignore. Sewright has his MBA and is currently attending Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership. Seawright has 13+ years of experience in the financial industry. He is a skilled expert who has dedicated his time to helping the communities primarily in the Newark area. He is an accounting and project management professional based in Newark, New Jersey. Currently, he is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial at Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Seawright has worked in various fields. These fields include: education, local government, and real estate development in Baltimore and Washington D.C. Additionally, before moving to New Jersey, Seawright dedicated himself to his own community, where he was an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum and a coach for local youth sports team in Baltimore.

Seawright also involved himself in various organizations such as, the American Society for Public Administration, the National Association for Black Accountants, and the National Forum for Black Public Administration.

In Baltimore, he was the managing Fiscal Office of Baltimore Commission of Aging and Retirement. Here he designed new accounting systems and helped to incorporate them in the agency, saving them more than $100,000 in funds. Other roles Seawright fulfilled were the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore city and the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for the Department of Recreation. Seawright has been a very integral part of improving the community of Newark. In fact, he has managed the public schools activities of more than 80,000 students.

Certainly, Seawright has been rightfully recognized for his amazing contributions. He has received numerous awards for financial responsiveness, professionalism, and thinking of innovative solutions to economic crisis. Kevin Seawright is a leader in his own right.

Collectively, Kevin Seawright has a strong understanding of business management tools and continues to use his skills for the greater good.