OSI Food Solutions Does It Bigger

When it comes to creating food solutions, there’s no better company to work with than OSI Food Solutions. The OSI Food Solutions is a massive international food conglomerate that has more resources than anyone other food solutions firm in the world. Clients from all over come to them to create the next generation of meal solutions.

They have the biggest and best infrastructure and near-endless financial resources to make anybody’s dream a reality. They encourage their clients to come to them with crazy, innovative ideas, and they’ll work closely with them to turn those ideas into real products.

Unlike other companies, OSI has the knowledge and resources to deliver on everything they promise. They have one of the largest selections of worldwide flavors than any other company in the world. They love collaborating with clients from new places because it allows them to introduce new flavors and experiences to consumers.

Their culinary skill and global flavors are what attracts many of their clients. It’s also what draws many of their employees. OSI works hard to ensure that every employee is passionate about discovering new flavors and bringing new ideas to the table. They actually determine who works with them based on creativity.

Last year, OSI Food Solutions purchased a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. According to the public records, held by the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, they paid $7.4 million for the plant. Shortly after the purchase, they announced they would be shutting down the plant.

Tyson Foods representatives have been open about the status of the plant since the purchase. Last November, there were 480 workers still employed at the plant. OSI Food Solutions wanted the plant shut down by June, so that gave plant workers plenty of time to find other jobs. To know more about the company click here.

According to Caroline Ahn, a Tyson Foods spokeswoman, every employee was offered a job with OSI. By the time the plant shut down, only 250 employees had remained. OSI has not said what they would do with the plant once it closed.

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