How Igor Cornelsen rose to become a renowned investment advisor

Igor Cornelsen is an investment advisor with his firm he began in 1995. He was born and brought up in Brazil. It was his career journey that made him relocate to other countries. Though he is a successful investment advisor, he began his higher studies as an engineer but later changed to economics, a decision he never regrets to have made.

After university, Igor Cornelsen worked for various banks and investment companies that gave him a great experience that gave him a platform as an advisor. His first job was at Unibanco, a Brazilian investment corporation. He also worked in Libra Bank PLC, London Merchant Bank and many other banks from which he made himself a name. As a result, many leading investment groups have sought Igor’s advice.

Igor Cornelsen’s last workplace was in Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as one of its board members. It was after that that he parted with the bank to start his own company as a financial advisor. The following paragraphs contain essential and fundamental advice that Igor has for investors.

Firstly, an investor should be conscious that they should not lose their money. Though any opportunity has its risk, one that costs you should be avoided. It should also be noted that every minute counts. Therefore, as soon as an opportunity for investment arises, put your money into it. Of course, you will have researched thoroughly before putting in your money.

Secondly, never put all your money into one investment site. Split it up and look for other investment doors. It minimizes the risks of losing all your money in case one section collapses. Also, every investor should be aware that their success is as good as their advisors especially if an investor is new to the industry. Later, they an investor can continue on their own after gaining experience.