End Citizens United: Fighting For The Individual Voices Of The United States’ Citizens

There is an article featured on Reporterexpert.com entitled “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance”. This is an important read for anyone who’s interested in the political process. The reason is that of the startling implications that a 2010 Cream Court decision had on said process. The article follows the work being done by a public action committee that has dubbed itself End Citizens United.

ECU is led by Tiffany Muller is relatively new but already making significant waves in the political financing sector. They have contributed a significant amount of money to past elections, with more than $25 million going towards the 2016 election campaign. This was the first cycle that they began raising money for candidates, so this is a significant victory for the group.

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This group is in operation because of a decision made in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission to allow corporations to maintain the same free-speech liberties and that all citizens have today. While it might seem like a good notion at first, the repercussions of such a decision have been long-feared by groups all over the country. These corporations now have access to the freedom of speech laws that help other individuals throughout the political process donate money and voice support for their political candidates. While they could always voice support for these candidates, they are now in a realm where they can do it anonymously and donate an excessive amount of money to their campaigns. In fact, there is now to how much money they are allowed to provide to support those candidates.

End Citizens United seeks to change this decision, but it also understands that changing such a decision is a long-thought process, so they are seeking to help mitigate some of the damage being done by this decision. One way that that is being done is by raising money for candidates. As mentioned previously they have been very successful in that arena and their current cycle is poised to produce more than $35 million for the upcoming candidates. They are hoping that they will continue to outraise big business funded candidates as the races continue. Without a lease on these gigantic corporations, they may have the ability to influence the political outcome of races in an unfair way. This gives them an advantage and takes away the voices of the everyday citizens in the United States, End Citizens United will not stand for that.