Doe Deere Has the Goods

Doe Deere has become known as the Unicorn Queen and is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company that has all the colors you can imagine to make you a true beauty queen. Deere was born in Russia and studied fashion design in New York. She is also one of the very first female entrepreneurs to become successful. Since she launched her makeup company in 2008 it has grown to become very popular and the go-to makeup company for many all over the world.


Doe Deere is not only the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, but she is also a trendsetter who is setting a great example for young female entrepreneurs. She now operates out of Los Angeles and is very dedicated to creating the brightest and boldest cosmetics. All of her products are cruelty-free and vegan, so everyone can enjoy them. She is an animal lover who believes in humanely-made products. Lime Crime has many different products from eyeshadows to Unicorn Hair Dyes.


She started out designing her very own clothing line, and she created makeup to go with the fashions she was modeling. She created her own since she couldn’t find the colors available for sale. The look caught on, and she had people asking her where she got her fresh and vibrant makeup, so she decided to focus her time and talent in developing her makeup line.



The unicorn is the official mascot of lime Crime and represents rare beauty, kindness to animals, and compassion. Deere believes that everyone should be able to express themselves freely and Lime Crime gives them the tools to do it. Not everyone is a beige kind of gal. Sometimes you need to be able to burst out and wear hot pink or sparkles. Maybe it’s the day to dye your hair green or wear a glimmer highlighter.


Lime Crime has a huge following on social media, and it has really helped the brand to grow. Lime Crime is also on sale at a number of online stores as well as in physical stores all over the United States and internationally.