Doe Deere Gives Beauty Routine Advice

Unlike most of the other beauty bloggers and makeup influencers, Doe Deere does not spend hours at a time on her makeup each morning. She likes to spend her mornings getting creative but she also knows that it is not necessarily the best thing to spend the entire morning working on her face. Instead, she tries to make sure that she has a set routine, that she gives herself time to contemplate the different things that she has going on and then she lets out some creative energy by doing her makeup. By doing this, she never has a morning that is complicated and she always knows exactly what is going to go on in the morning. All of this happens in the time from 8:30 (when she wakes up) until noon (when she goes into the office most days, unless there’s an early meeting that she has to go to).

Once Doe Deere wakes up on her own without an alarm clock, she always has water first thing. She has stated that she does this to help combat the dryness of Los Angeles because that can be damaging to the skin. She also stays hydrated throughout the day but knows that drinking a big glass of water in the morning is the best way for her to make sure that she is going to have as clear skin as possible. It also helps her to kick start her day and gives her time to watch the world go by while she wakes up.

From there, she needs to stretch. While she is not necessarily someone who does a lot of sports, she recognizes the importance of stretching. She has taken some of her stretching moves from different yoga poses and she does them to simply let herself loosen up before she begins her day. After the stretching, it is breakfast time. Doe Deere usually eats something like grits or fruit and yogurt. She likes a light breakfast but also one that is nutrient-packed so that she will be able to continue with the rest of her morning without getting hungry.

A couple of hours before it is time for Doe Deere to go into the office, she starts to get ready. Her makeup is always the first thing that she does after she washes her face. She does not have her own foundation as a part of her Lime Crime line so she uses MAC or L’Oreal. Then, she uses her own makeup line for her blush, eyes and lips. After she does this and picks out the perfect outfit, she does her hair. She always makes sure to shower at night so that her hair is easier to work with in the morning.

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