The Positive Impact The Traveling Vineyard Has Made On The Lives Of Their Wine Guides

The Traveling Vineyard offers opportunities to work at home as a wine guide and earn money. The company was created in 2001 due to a wine tasting held in a backyard. The company provides support and training for their wine guides and there is no limit to the income you can earn. Once you decide to become a wine guide you are paired with a leader in your area.

You then visit the online Tasting Room where you learn about wine and becoming a guide. The Harvest Conference offers speakers who give you guidance and new information. There are mini-classes and costume contests and you can sample some of the wines offered by the Traveling Vineyard.

Once you sign up with the Traveling Vineyard you receive your success kit that includes everything you will need to begin. The kit includes wine, tasting glasses, paperwork, order forms, and a carrying kit. You additionally receive a book containing available wines and a cheat sheet for common questions. Your Sommology kit teaches you about tasting wines, how they are blended, and wine and food combinations. You create your own schedule, sell high quality wine, make money, and have fun.

The premise of the Traveling Vineyard is you don’t know if you like certain wines until you taste them. They have launched the careers of thousands of wine guides and leveraged a successful Party Plan model. Their wine guides are the inspiration for connections between wine and food and wine and fun.

The Traveling Vineyard provides their wine guides with technology to manage their business and an amazing app to provide education regarding wine with a Sommology program. This program then provides the guides with the information required to conduct wine tastings and share their love of wine with friends, families, and their communities. The Traveling Vineyard has positively changed the lives of their wine guides.