Water Supplies Returning To Normal At Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain

The Upper Mountain of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort has always been a popular destination on Snow-Forecast.com for ski enthusiasts who enjoy using the restaurants and relaxing at the top of the slopes. However, the end of 2016 saw an unusually high rainfall level in this area of Lake Tahoe that led to many groundwater supplies becoming infected was bacteria washed into them by an unexpected rain event; one of those areas affected was the Upper Mountain of Squaw Valley, but officials at the resort are fighting what appears to be a winning battle to remove all contaminants from their water supplies.

A statement from Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney explained the water supply for the Upper mountain region had recently been upgraded in 2016 and was quickly identified as being contaminated after the rainfall event. The statement went on to explain traces of E. Coli and the bacteria Coliform had been identified and prompted all water from the four infected wells being cutoff to protect guests from contamination; the discovery was followed immediately by Squaw Valley informing Placer County Environmental Health experts on squawalpine.com to aid in the restoration of the water supply.

The combination of experts and the hard work of those at Squaw Valley Ski Resort at http://squawalpine.com/discover-squaw-alpine-experience have combined to see a rapid decline in the level of contaminants in the water supply, which sees E. Coli completely removed from three of four contaminated wells and Coliform levels already lowered. Officials at Squaw Valley have opened the slopes of Upper Mountain, but have vowed to keep restaurants closed until the water supply is returned to normal levels; guests using the Upper Mountain area are being supplied with free bottled water and no health issues have so far been reported as linked to the contamination of water supplies on the mountain.