The Dos and Don’ts of Online Reputation Management

Building a business goes beyond acquiring capital for financial stability. It entails knowing what clients want and how to address their needs. As an entrepreneur, you should focus on your online presence, especially if your target audience is tech savvy. You should also note that in this modern world, people prefer looking up a business venture online before they purchase any product or service. The information they find online about your venture determines their buying power.

Most businesses are at the risk of losing approximately 40 percent of their revenue when potential clients find negative information about the business online. The number can increase to 59 percent if the first page of search results of a venture contains negative reviews. For you to avoid such losses, the following tips will emancipate you on how to manage your online presence.

Search for Your Brand Online

At times, entrepreneurs are unaware that the reputation of their brands has been tarnished on the Internet. Before adopting strategies of being reputable on the web, you should first check what people are saying about your brand. Use tools, such as Social Scanner, to flag any controversial social media updates.

Web design

Sites usually contain information about a brand or a person. As an entrepreneur, you should build a website for your business. The site’s SEO structure should allow it to appear on the first page of search results when someone searches for the business’ name online. You should also have a personal website to avail information about yourself to the clients.

Social media

Social networking profiles usually appear in search engine results when the name of a brand is searched on the web. Try to reserve the name of your business or your name to few social media, sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, because of their popularity. You should also ensure that the information you share on these platform does not conflict with the customer’s expectations about your business.

Google listing

By claiming and verifying your Google listing, details such as hours of operation, website, and address of your business will always appear on the right hand of Google search results. It takes less than ten minutes to sign up for Google listing.