Rocketship Education Is Becoming The Latest Pioneer In The World Of Education

Rocketship Education is quickly becoming a pioneer when it comes to schooling and education for students around the country. Rocketship Education is a growing network of public schools that is intended to help out low-income students around the nation that do not have the funds to participate in what is considered excellent or private schools. So far, Rocketship’s schools teach students ranging from kindergarten up to fifth grade. As the brand name implies, Rocketship Education is soaring into the mainstream and quickly becoming one of the fastest growing education systems.

In order for students to receive the best education possible, they need to be taught from various different angles. This is why Rocketship Education works to combine standard teaching with the latest technologies and one-on-one tutoring s that each and every student can excel. By empowering teachers with new methods and technology, they can effectively engage their students in the classroom and build a more positive schooling experience. Since 2006, Rocketship education has been working diligently to completely overhaul the standards in education at the elementary level.

Since starting their project, Rocketship Education has continued to expand each year, opening at least one new school and up to as many as three. As it stands, Rocketship has the approval to continue their expansion into cities such as New Orleans, Washington, Memphis, and Indianapolis. In the year 2017, Rocketship Education schools had more than 25,000 students enrolled from the low-income bracket.

Since 2008, various graduates and analysts have played a role in helping Rocketship Education with their expansion and how they operate from day to day. They have created new curriculum and training programs for teachers as well as students to create a better foundation for leadership in the school environment. Rocketship runs on a tightly-wound schedule, with yearly planning laid out to ensure continued growth of their impactful network. With more precise data on cash flow and better budgeting each year, Rocketship Education is able to improve their network to serve more communities. It will be no surprise to see Rocketship Education schools in every part of the country within the next 10 years.