Jason Hope featured On Endgadget

Jason Hope is a writer, reviewer, and commentator known for following major trends in the tech industry. His articles and outspoken opinions have earned him a following of his own and many look to Hope for his thoughts and opinions on new gadgets and technology as it enters the public marketplace.

Hope was the recent subject of an article on Endgadget.com. The article focused on his outspoken opinion on the “Internet of Things.”

This strange name does not necessarily refer to a single new product or service. Instead it represents a growing trend toward digital technology and connectivity.

Hope has cultivated a reputation as both an investor and an innovator. Some in the tech community have taken to calling him a futurist because of his focus on using new and innovative technology to combat longstanding problems in the business and professional world. The Internet of Things is one such solution and Jason Hope has embraced this growing trend wholeheartedly as an answer to many problems. For example this sort of technology is used to provide up to date weather and logistical information, increasing safety on roads and highways.