Paul Mampilly Is Business Leader, Author, Ex-Wall Street Money Manager and Someone Who Provides Key Investment Advice With Profits Unlimited, His Financial Newsletter.

For Paul Mampilly, being at the top of his game regarding the finance world, matters. And as a prior Templeton Foundation Investment competitor and the winner, Mampilly was able to turn a 50 million dollar portfolio of investments into almost 90 million dollars. It was because of a 76 percent increase in the net value of this 50 million dollar allotment he was given during the prestigious Templeton Investment competition that he was able to gain the eyes and attention from many vital leaders in the finance industry who were impressed with his talents. Paul Mampilly was Templeton’s winner for 2009.

Paul Mampilly’s extraordinary talents as a Wall Street hedge fund manager should not surprise anyone. Mampilly has been a critical force in the world of hedge fund managers. He has gained serious credibility from his peers on Wall Street as well as respect for his insights. Paul Mampilly began his finance career in 1991 at Banker’s Trust, where he worked as a portfolio manager.

After getting experience at Banker’s Trust, Paul Mampilly moved on to a more impressive position, after spending years gaining experience at Banker’s Trust. Mampilly went on to manage large portfolios in the hundreds of millions as part of Deutsche Bank’s healthcare sector. Mampilly resume includes working at ING Group. ING Group hired him after working at Banker’s Trust. Because of his impressive portfolio management skills and high profile positions over two decades, Paul Mampilly has been a guest on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and also Kiplinger.

Besides his work at Deutsche Bank, ING Direct, and Banker’s Trust, Mampilly has been responsible for managing Swiss bank accounts, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s account, and an account for Sears. He handled these accounts while working at Kinetics Asset Management. This financial asset management company hired him in 2006. In an impressive show of portfolio management prowess, Mampilly was able to increase the Kinetics’ portfolio to 25 billion dollars from the $6 billion he was initially given.

Today, Mr. Mampilly no longer manages multi-million dollar stock portfolios but instead edits his financial newsletter,Profits Unlimited.

About Paul Mampilly:

Understanding Waiakea Water

When it comes to food or drinks, you definitely don’t want to consume them if they are of low or poor quality as this will be the first step of endangering your health. Valuing the health of the society in general, Waiakea Water made it their responsibility to deliver quality bottled water to the people. Founded by Ryan Emmons on the 1st of June 2012, Waiakea Water Inc also known as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water as the name suggests is a profitable water company. For years now the water company has been preferred by majority of the people and here is why.

One, the water packed by Waiakea is derived from the peaks of Mauna Loa Volcano through filtration via the volcano’s porous and is naturally enriched with minerals and abundant in electrolytes. The volcano is a very reliable source of Waiakea Volcanic water as it is earthed in Mauna Loa which experiences rains at least 360 days a year. Therefore the company does not have to deal with challenges of shortages and eventually lose their loyal consumers. The second reason why Waiakea water is preferred is because of its naturally occurring alkalinity which does not require further chemical processing.

Notably, the water ranks as the most alkaline water with its pH being 8.8 and its TDS being 6.2 hence fit for human consumption. In as much as Waiakea is a profitable company, it is doing great for the disadvantaged communities all over the world. Consider the case of the African continent, majority of the African nations rarely get clean water. In recognition of this fact and their value for consumption of fresh water, Waiakea through the partnership of PumpAid (International non-profit organization helping African nations live better lives) donates clean water to these areas at least once a week. It is no wonder that the name of the company has grown popular since its introduction. If you were initially wondering if you should consider Waiakea water, then the answer is yes because with high alkalinity and low acidity rates Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water is just what you have been looking for.

Adam Milstein and Real Estate

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel born in 1952. Taking after his father who was a real estate developer, Adam is a real estate investor, co-managing Hager Pacific Properties. The private company deals in acquiring, rehabilitating, and repositioning industrial, retail, office, and multi-family properties. At the firm, he oversees the company’s financing, disposition and accounting. He studied Business Administration at the University of Southern California where he graduated in 1983.


Adam is also involved in charitable activities that he sponsors through his foundation and making donations to different charity organisations. Together with his wife Gila, they founded Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that supports young people in Israel. Young professionals and students are educated to appreciate their Jewish roots with pride and advocate for Israel and its population, and also to strengthen the relationship between Israel and the US. He funds and guides organizations by partnering with those that share his goals and objectives. He also co-founded the Israeli-American Council where he is the National Chairman. Some of the other firms that Adam has been involved include the Jewish Funders Network, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara, and StandWithUs among others.


Adam believes that one should be able to participate in finding solutions to issues and understand them rather than relying on other people. He makes follow-ups of these matters with consistency and persistence. Milstein also agrees an entrepreneur should avoid wanting to succeed in a short period and should also understand that it takes a while to reach the set goals. While in Campus, it proved hard to him because his expertise and experience were not appreciated. That’s when he thought of the idea of starting a real estate firm, but first, he worked as a commercial broker and later invested in real estate and decided to put his ideas into reality. Apart from real estate, his philanthropy work takes most of his hours in a day, and it excites him to see other people succeed in their lines of duty. One book that he recommends is ‘And the Good News Is’ by Dana Perino and keeps track of his contacts by using ‘Constant Contact’, his favorite web service.