Madison Street Capital Helps WLR Automotive Group To Raise Capital

Recently, Charles Botchway announced that WLR Automotive had succeeded in completing its $13.2 million sale/leaseback transaction. Charles is the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital. The international investment-banking corporation played a pivotal role in aiding the leading car wash, lube, automotive repair and detailing company to undertake the transaction.

WLR Automotive Group operates in Tristate and Maryland region. In addition, SCF Reality Capital, a Texas-based company, provided much support that resulted in the successful completion of the sale/leaseback transaction. Jonathan Wolfe and Barry Petersen provided transformative leadership in the entire process of raising the capital. Barry is Madison Street Capital’s senior managing director. Jonathan is Stream Capital Partner’s managing partner.

Randall S. Simpson posited that the transaction zeroed in on five of the automotive company’s locations. The president and chief executive officer of WLR Automotive Group went on to say that, they have managed to raise adequate capital, which will enable them to reinvest and expand their operations to emerging markets. Randall concluded by thanking Wolfe and Peterson for their contributions in assisting the company to explore different options and selecting the right model to enhance the company’s growth.

Barry noted that under Randall’s leadership, the revenue of WLR has been growing each year since 1987 when the corporation began operating in the competitive industry. He added that the company would be able to expand its operations to different markets courtesy of their world-class management systems and leading designs. Barry was honored to work alongside Jonathan Wolfe and the entire team from Stream Capital.

WLR Automotive Group is a successful privately owned company having car washes, automotive repair centers, lube centers and detailing centers in different locations. The company’s cars wash, vehicle maintenance and repair facilities are based in Shrewsbury, Gambrills, Germantown, Frederick, Columbia and Gaithersburg among other locations. Since 1987, the Frederick-based company has been serving over 300,000 clients each year. The corporation’s Auto Repairs, Auto Spas and Lube Centers have been committed to the highest levels of professional conduct and providing clients with exceptional services. This information was originally mentioned on Benzinga as explained in this link

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