Career Life of Francisco Domenech

POLITANK is a government law company that focuses on implementing ways and means in which private interests can be represented before the government forums. Francisco Domenech serves at this law firm as the managing partner. Also, Francisco served at the Office of Legislative Services as the director in the year 2005 to 2008. While he was serving at this office, he was supervising about 130 staff members, where he was able to expand the services that were offered by the Legislative Library. Besides, those people that were physically handicapped and the blind were given the opportunity to participate in the legislation, and more than 800 had that chance.

Moreover, Francisco Domenech served as the P.R. Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel. At this docket he was assigned the responsibility of representing the al the interests of the Senate before the court as well offering legal advisories, monitoring outside counsel, and handling in-house counsel works. Francisco Domenech went to University of Puerto Rico and earned his B.A in political science as well the J.D. When he was in the University during the academic year 1999-2000, he served in the General Student Body Council as the President. It is evident that during his time when he was schooling Francisco Domenech had an opportunity to lead other students in various sectors. Follow Francisco Domenech on twitter for more updates.

It is significant to note that Francisco Domenech is an active philanthropist and provide support to various charitable organizations. The aim is to ensure that they are able to accomplish their goals as well as ensure the less fortunate in the community have access to basic needs. He provides support to institutions like The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminar and many others. Therefore, Francisco Domenech has a good legacy in his counsel career, and it is his determination to practice before courts in various districts. Visit: