Understanding Waiakea Water

When it comes to food or drinks, you definitely don’t want to consume them if they are of low or poor quality as this will be the first step of endangering your health. Valuing the health of the society in general, Waiakea Water made it their responsibility to deliver quality bottled water to the people. Founded by Ryan Emmons on the 1st of June 2012, Waiakea Water Inc also known as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water as the name suggests is a profitable water company. For years now the water company has been preferred by majority of the people and here is why.

One, the water packed by Waiakea is derived from the peaks of Mauna Loa Volcano through filtration via the volcano’s porous and is naturally enriched with minerals and abundant in electrolytes. The volcano is a very reliable source of Waiakea Volcanic water as it is earthed in Mauna Loa which experiences rains at least 360 days a year. Therefore the company does not have to deal with challenges of shortages and eventually lose their loyal consumers. The second reason why Waiakea water is preferred is because of its naturally occurring alkalinity which does not require further chemical processing.

Notably, the water ranks as the most alkaline water with its pH being 8.8 and its TDS being 6.2 hence fit for human consumption. In as much as Waiakea is a profitable company, it is doing great for the disadvantaged communities all over the world. Consider the case of the African continent, majority of the African nations rarely get clean water. In recognition of this fact and their value for consumption of fresh water, Waiakea through the partnership of PumpAid (International non-profit organization helping African nations live better lives) donates clean water to these areas at least once a week. It is no wonder that the name of the company has grown popular since its introduction. If you were initially wondering if you should consider Waiakea water, then the answer is yes because with high alkalinity and low acidity rates Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water is just what you have been looking for.


Jeff Herman Stands Tall For Rights Of Sexual Abuse Victims

Jeff Herman had a quite different vision in mind for his future career as an attorney when deciding to apply for law school. Jeff worked in commercial litigation at the beginning of his career and was experiencing much success before fate changed the course of both his life and career.

Jeff Herman was approached about twenty years ago by a husband and wife that had experienced the worst nightmare possible to parents. The couple shared with Jeff that their four-year-old son, who was autistic, had been assaulted while attending preschool.

Jeff conducted an independent investigation and learned that the boy had indeed been molested by an employee of the school known to the children as Mr. Dan. But more shocking to Jeff Herman was the revelation that Mr. Dan was already a convicted pedophile who due to the negligent hiring practices of the school, molested as many as twenty additional children.

Jeff Herman also discovered that stories like that of Mr. Dan was not an isolated incident and with this revelation, Jeff had found his calling. Jeff Herman became dedicated to finding justice for children and others that were victims of sexual abuse and targeted the institutions that were responsible for exposing them to danger.

It was determined by Herman that many times schools and churches possessed regional oversight that resulted in less than desirable individuals gaining employment with these institutions. Find Related Information Here.

At the helm of Jeff Herman Law, Jeff Herman fights this neglect on the part of these institutions by filing lawsuits and pursuing aggressive civil litigation to hold them accountable and giving a voice to many victims whose suffering would otherwise have been ignored. And despite the ideas for his career when he was a much younger man, Jeff feels that there is no better way that he could have used his training in the legal field.

A bit of advice that Jeff Herman shares with parents each chance that he gets is to make sure that they talk to their children about what is, and what is not, appropriate touching and means of showing affection. Jeff Herman even shares his Tips On How To Protect Your Children Against Abuse. Jeff says this is important as he has learned from years of investigation that many child predators take advantage of the innocence of children that many times do not realize they are being violated.


Watch him on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUXsF0Q_018