Lori Senecal Global Leader and Woman to Watch

Lori Senecal is a powerhouse of productivity. She manages CP+B’s ten international offices and has her eye on the global expansion market. Her leadership and innovative approach has helped CP+B to win accolades for “Creativity Innovators of the Year” for 2017 and “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016. She also was honored as one of the Most Creative People in Business for 2017.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is an advertising agency that’s been in business for twenty-six years. They are a full-service and fully-integrated company. They are happy to be across the country and across the world. With offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Beijing they are rapidly expanding and evolving.

In her life before CP+B, Lori Senecal was the CEO and Global Chairman of KBS. She was named a “Women to Watch” back in 2013 when it was obvious she was going places. When talking to Lori Senecal about what makes her a productive CEO she told ideamensch.com that she approaches leadership with an equal amount of vision and follow through. She is focused on executing a good idea, not just having it. She discussed bring ideas out by collaborating. Her mantra is The Best Idea is Boss not the biggest title which shows a great inclusion of those who work for CP+B. The company bases its success on solving the problems of their costumers and not focusing on just making the ads. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

Lori Senecal got her start in the business world at a young age. Being a gymnastics coach helped her gain leadership skills she’s carried with her. This is part of the reason her team is so successful because she runs it the same way with everyone working together. One marketing strategy she says is great for getting new business is to learn everything about your business or your client so that you can help them improve. That’s how you solve your client’s problems, by learning about them.

Read more: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/301396/cpbs-lori-senecal-leaving-agency-business.html

The Fagali’I Airport For Flights And Travel

Traveling by plane can be a rather daunting experience for most people. You want to know that you’re choosing an airport that is safe, secure and offers a range of amenities to make the experience as convenient and stress-free as possible. This is why the Fagali’I Airport has been as popular as it has been since its inception many years ago. Decades ago, it was owned by local government agencies as a military airport. Once the government found a larger property for their airport needs, the property was sold to Polynesian Airlines and reopened to the public as the Fagali’I Airport.

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The Fagali’I Airport boasts a variety of airlines, features and amenities to make traveling a fun and enjoyable experience for you. If you would like to catch an international flight, Samoa America and Pago Pago are available for quick and cost-effective flights according to expedia.com. If you need to travel locally, the Fagali’I Airport has available the Polynesian Airlines company and Samoa Air. No matter what you are choosing for yourself, you can book your flights through the Fagali’I Airport website using their integrated booking system. If you would rather use you own booking agent to save money, Fagali’I Airport is a viable option when choosing to travel to or from Samoa according to wikipedia.org.

Fagali’I Airport employs hundreds of people year-round to ensure that the company runs to its full potential. While there are a few different airports in the area, the Fagali’I Airport is ranked one of the most popular and safest for those traveling internationally. You will also find a number of amenities within the Fagali’I Airport itself. From a luxury restaurant featuring delicious meals and food to convenient cafes and gift shops, it’s simple and efficient for you to travel through this particular airport. You will notice a difference in how the Fagali’I Airport operates as soon as you book a flight and realize that the costs involved are far less than you might be used to. You can also feel comfortable traveling whether you’re doing so as a foreigner or as a local who is simply needing a quick flight to get to friends or relatives.

Learn more about Fagali’I Airport: http://www.encontreomedico.com.br/empresa/2924/clinica-dr.-augusto-fagali-sao-jose-do-rio-preto-sp

Renowned Brazilian Lawyer – Ricardo Tosto

Law In Brazil

Brazil’s legal profession towers as one of the biggest legal systems across the entire globe. Brimming with an abundant amount of law schools (more than the rest of the world combined) and over a million lawyers, you’d think that their justice system would be one of the best. However, this subject is up for debate, as it is not easy to find a Brazilian lawyer with sterling legal advice. Brazil’s justice system is not known for being the fastest, rather Brazil’s judicial system faces a massive backlog of cases. Cases are seen piling up on judges desks in vast amounts. one group of 5 judges in Sao Paulo is currently at work on handling 1.6 million cases. A majority of cases take years to decades to be settled. The Judiciary is swamped with cases all tax related, which is a primary reason why cases take so long to be resolved.

Ricardo Tosto`34

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well known Brazilian lawyer. Specializing in litigation and is notable for his exceptional achievements in high value/complex litigation. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho administrates litigation with unparalleled organization and ability. The Latin American Corporate Counsel Association personally advocates Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho as an expert and skilled lawyer due to his commitment, dexterity, and performance.

Ricardo Tosto’s Experience in the field

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has ample knowledge in multiple sectors of the judicial system such as:

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a co founder of the law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Which is acclaimed for having been acknowledged by Analise 500, the legal publication in Brazil. It’s lawyers like Ricardo Tosto that make Brazil’s wheels of justice in the country turn much faster.

  • Adminsitrative Law
  • Business restructuring
  • Bank Contracts
  • Election Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Recovery
  • Civil Law
  • Etc.

Dan Taub: Proud Orthodox Jew

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom in the year 1962. Taub spent the developmental years of his life in the United Kingdom; he moved to Israel in 1989. In Israel, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces(IDF) as a combat medic, and then as a reserve officer for the IDF’s international law division.

Daniel Taub was the Israeli Ambassador to London from 2011 until he resigned in 2015. In the four years that he was Ambassador, trade between Israel and the United Kingdom doubled to around seven billion dollars(USD). Taub studied literature at Oxford, international law at the College of London, and public administration at Harvard University. He now specializes in international law and counter-terrorism.

Taub has found himself in many other endeavors since resigning as ambassador. He is apart of the Israeli Philanthropic foundation; the foundation’s goal is it to educate, and contribute to the excellence of the Arab community. The foundation operates on behalf of the Rothschild family. Taub is also apart of Yad Hanadiv and serves as the Director of Strategy and Planning.

Yad Hanadiv is another one of the Rothschild family’s philanthropic foundations, they offer grants in four categories: environmental, academic excellence, Arab community, and education. Although, they will not respond to unsolicited applications for the grants they offer.

Daniel Taub was a great ambassador to London and was an asset to the United Kingdom. His ability to speak fluent English and Hebrew made trade negotiations easier. Taub has been to Ireland as a peace negotiator.

In 2012, many colleges in the U.K. began expressing anti-Isreal sentiment. Taub addressed the issue by saying he was “concerned” about the growing hostile environment toward those who support Isreal.

Although, the anti-Isreal sentiment didn’t stop at college campuses. Public officials, such as George Galloway, also voiced their anti-Isreal opinions. George Galloway went as far as declaring the British city of Bradford an “Isreal-free zone”, and labeled Isreal as an ” illegal, barbarous, savage state”.

Taub knew how false Galloway’s claims were. Shortly after Galloway made his statement the people of Bradford invited Taub to visit the city. His visit to Bradford was short and accompanied by a high level of security, but he quickly realized that Galloway’s views didn’t represent the community.

Daniel Taub proudly represents the Jewish community. Learn more: http://israblog.nana10.co.il/blogread.asp?blog=864881