Luiz Carlos Trabuco And His Amazing Career At Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazil. He is the president and CEO of one of the largest banks in Brazil – Bradesco. Mr. Trabuco has pioneered projects that help facilitate the economic development of Brazil. In fact, he has been named as an authority in the fields of insurance and finance. He was named the Insurance Personal of the Year in 2006 and 2007. In 2016, he was listed among the best CEOs in Brazil by Forbes magazine.

Mr. Trabuco believes that the insurance industry plays a major role in supporting long-term economic growth. He stresses that through risk mitigation and long-term investment, the insurance sector contributes to steady economic and social development.

Personal Life

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born on October 1951 and grew up in Marilia, Sao Paulo, a municipality in the midwestern region of Sao Paulo. He received his undergraduate degree (Philosophy) from the University of Sao Paulo and postgraduate degree (Socio-Psychology) from the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Sociology and Politics.

After completing his higher education, he joined the business industry. He started his career at the age of 18 as a clerk at Bradesco. Mr. Trabuco has held different positions in the bank including department director (1984), managing officer (1998), executive vice president (1999), and president (2009).

Besides Trabuco’s role as president of Banco Bradesco, he serves on the board of directors of FEBRABAN, a representative body of Brazilian banks. Additionally, he is the president of the executive board of the CNF and a member of the strategic committee of Vale SA.

About Bradesco Bank

Bradesco Bank SA, previously known as Bank Brasileiro de Descuentos SA, is the second largest private bank in Brazil with regards to total assets. The bank has $392.1 billion in total assets and approximately 108,793 employees making it Brazil’s largest private employer. The financial institution was founded in March 1943 by Amador Aguiar, a Brazilian banker who had previously worked for several banks including Banco Noroeste and Casa Bancária Almeida Irmãos. The bank was founded to serve retailers, small landowners and government employees who resided in Marilia, Sao Paulo.

The bank has grown to become not only the second largest private bank in Brazil but also one of the largest banking and financial services companies as well as the third largest Brazilian bank by total assets. It is headquartered in Osasco, Sao Paulo and services about 16.8 million customers from its 5,314 branches.

Banco Bradesco offers an array of financial and banking products and services to domestic and international individuals, companies and corporations. The institution provides its clients with insurance services, pension plans, credit card services, and personal and commercial loans.

The growth of Bradesco Bank has mainly been attributed to the mergers and acquisitions it has made since its inception. The bank recently acquired the Brazilian branches of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), American Express, HSBC, and J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management. During the 70’s, Bradesco Banc acquired 17 banks throughout Brazil and Banco BNC in 1997. Besides the acquisitions, Bradesco has received several awards for its impeccable work including being ranked fourth among the 500 greenest institutions in the world.

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Lori Senecal Ends Her Time at CP+B

It’s always painful for a company to lose their most valuable asset. While most think the most valuable corporate asset is money; it’s actually hard-working employees. For CP+B, the most valuable asset is Lori Senecal. Since joining the company, Senecal’s contributions have done nothing but benefit the firm.

She began serving as President and CEO of MDC Partners Network. Lori viewed the opportunity to work with CP+B as the next step in her career. It wasn’t long after she joined the company that the board created a position just for her; Global CEO of MDC Partners.

Everyone at the company loves Lori Senecal. Sadly, she announced that she will be leaving the company at the end of the year. It’s not because she doesn’t like working with CP+B; she does. Senecal’s more of serial-professional. She works for a company for a short while before moving on to another firm.

While at CP+B, she made a name for herself. Lori Senecal doesn’t like bragging, but her colleagues do. They boast about her taking the American Airlines account away from TM Advertising. A little background on the American Airlines – TM Advertising relationship: they’ve worked together for over 20 years.

With her retirement looming overhead, her focus shifts to developing the next generation of leaders. Working alongside her business partner and friend Chuck Porter, founder of CP+B, she plans on building a new team that will excel beyond her accomplishments. Going forward, she’s really focused and determined to find the right people.

According to Porter, the two of them are thinking carefully about their next move. The decision will affect the company and all of its offices. It’s not only important to promote the right people, but they also have to figure out a way to keep the company strong.

Fortunately, the next generation of leaders is up to the task. Many of the company’s offices have already experienced some change, promoting certain members to Presidents. Things look good for the company’s future. Follow her on Twitter for more.

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A Large One Stop Shop with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

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One of the reasons that people go to malls is that they want to see what all they can get from the area. After all, shopping can be very exhausting if people have to go to different shopping centers. The best thing about malls is that they have plenty of stores of similar category. In many cases, they are fashion stores at indoor shopping malls. This allows people to get clothes from various sources according to their style. If they have a certain style that they want to express, they can get it from a certain store that they can find at a mall that is the size of Manaira Shopping.


One of the best aspects of Manaira Shopping is that it is such a big mall with so many rental spaces that there is a lot of room for diversity. Therefore, people who are looking for a bunch of unique clothes will easily find it with the stores at Manaira Shopping. Customers will easily find some of the most elegant designs in clothing that are going to inspire them and make the want to wear them.


When a customer wears clothes that he wants the most, it will definitely bring a greater sense of accomplishment. If his style is a complimentary style to him, he will not only be happy with himself but will also get the type of attention he wants. In order to find stores that have some of the most unique and rare items, one has to make sure that he is at a location that encourages this type of clothing. Manaira Shopping is an artistic mall that encourages many different types of self expression in fashion.


Other things that people can do at Manaira Shopping include getting entertainment from movie theaters with some of the most advanced sound and high quality food. Aside from the movie is the arcades that are available that have tons of different categories of games. People who are feeling nostalgic for the older days of arcades are going to get more than their share of arcades at Manaira Shopping mall.


Kim Dao Enjoys Japanese Food in Sydney

Kim Dao flies from Perth to Sydney, Australia in this video. As she waits for her friend to meet her at the airport, Kim Dao eats a nice breakfast from Joe & the Juice before the day gets started. Once her friend, Hojusara, arrives she and Kim Dao head out for some fun in Sydney. Once they drop their bags off at the hotel, they begin exploring the city together. Kim Dao and her friend pick out restaurants to try out once their appetites pick up, and they look for places to hang out while they explore the area. They take a stroll through China Town, and Kim Dao tries out a cheese whipped cream drink which she finds delicious although it seemed like a peculiar option to her when her friend suggested it to her at first. The food options seems endless as they see more restaurants on their way through the city that catch their eyes. Kim Dao and her friend also stop to peruse some lovely sunglasses as they make their way to another restaurant. The more restaurants they visit, the more fancy and unique the service becomes and the more delicious the food looks. After they’ve eaten, they take a walk back to their hotel room, and give a cute tour of the quaint space. They only lounge briefly at the hotel before they’re back again taking in the city together and finding more amazing places to dine and explore. Sydney looks absolutely magical at night time, as Kim Dao and her friend check out the city together for some evening time fun. Learn more here: